Fault Detection

Make sure all the connection are connected correctly.

Power indicator off and the cooling fan does not rotating, check whether the fuse was broken or power cable connection off.

Other abnormal reactions, long time continue use of the machine will cause overheated problems, need to reduce the overheat for a moment.

Power indicator on and cooling fan rotating but voltage and frequency panel no display, maybe machine problems, please contact us for repairing.

Welding gun rotating but no power output and can not welding, please check the ground wire connected or not, if correct connected, please contact us for repairing.

When press the “WORK” button the welding gun does not rotate but has electro- spark when electrode touch with matrix, maybe welding gun motor problems, need to contact us for repairing.

No argon air flow out of the welding gun (welded areas black color), please check the argon meter and argon tube.

Welding demo is available at your location where we have distributors !

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