How to Choose Cold Welding Machine 


There are different types of Cold welding machine in the market, but totally different in use. To choose the suitable and stable cold welding equipment is very important, below some suggestions:


1: Welding efficiency

Normally the efficiency of cold welding machine depends on the power output, more power output more quickly in welding speed. Currently in the market, most of the cold welding machine power output between 600-1000W, and ATOM cold welding machine has 1200W but power output can reach 4000W, more quickly in welding speed and more energy saving.

2: Color difference

The welding performance depends no the final color difference after welding, ATOM team will help you to choose the most suitable welding electrode to meet different castings, to reduce the color difference to the minimum.

3: The transformer

Common cold welding machine will use traditional transformer, the voltage output is not stable, easy to cut edge, and the surface of workpiece after welding is rough. ATOM cold welding machine is using 3000w capacity inverter to replace the traditional transformer, power output more stable.

4: Control mode

Common cold welding machine is to use analog signal control, this type of control system has some problems like: To use more internal potentiometer more easily to damage and cause a variety of faults and also not accurate control. ATOM cold welding machine is using full digital control, more advantage and stable control more easily to operate.

5: Anti interference ability

Common cold welding machine was not equipped with anti interference circuit and radiation is more strong. ATOM cold welding machine using anti EMI and RFI circuits, small electromagnetic interference and small radiation, can meet the international standard.

6: The welding gun

Common cold welding use old technology welding gun, high temperature when using, the internal components are more easily to aging. ATOM cold welding machine using new designed welding gun, smooth in welding, lower temperature and long using life.

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